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3 Reasons You Will Call A Professional Plumber This Summer

August 3, 2015 by

As you find yourself in the midst of summer, you may not think that calling up a plumber is the most pertinent of options. The days are warm, and the days are long. While you are at the beach, your home plumbing system may not be the first thing on your mind. However, these long summer days provide the perfect opportunity for plumbers to complete all the tasks you need to complete before the arrival of the cold winter months that loom ahead.

Reasons To Call A Professional Plumber During Summer

Here are three reasons why you will call a professional plumber this summer:

  1. Water Heater and Water Pipe Maintenance
  2. The heat of the summer months means that you are using your hot water significantly less. This means that you should take advantage and call a plumber to ensure your water heater and water pipes are functioning properly. If there are any major issues with your water-heating appliance and systems, you may have to go without hot water for an extended period of time. A shortage of hot water in the summer will affect you much less than in the winter. Prepare your home to ensure you have nice warm showers all winter long by calling a plumber this summer.

  3. Sink, Faucet, and Bathtub Repairs/Renovations
  4. Replacing sinks, faucets, and bathtubs often requires a well-ventilated area to get the job done right. The summer provides an optimal opportunity for a plumber to ensure these jobs are completed properly without freezing in the process. A professional plumber will have the training, experience, and legal knowledge to complete the job in a way that will not only please you as a home owner, but a professional plumber’s work will also abide by city code. Call a professional plumber this summer, and ensure he is warm and comfortable enough to successfully complete the job.

  5. Exterior Foundation Water Proofing
  6. Use the warm summer months to complete any plumbing needs outside of your house as well. This is a great time to call a professional plumber to see if there are any leaks in the drainage systems outside of your house. The summer will give a professional plumber the comfort to waterproof the outside of your house to avoid a flooded basement in the future. The installation of something like an outdoor weeping tile system would be impossible on a cold snow-covered property, so it is best to get the job done while the weather is still nice.

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