Circulator Pumps Installation and Repair

Circulator pumps for heating systems and air conditioning systems are an integral part of any commercial heating and air conditioning system. When something goes wrong with a circulator pump, within a short time the building property manager will be informed.

After a new circulator pump is installed, circulating pump life can be expected to last for many years but if the pump is not properly maintained, the circulator pump life can prematurely terminate and a new circulating pump will have to be installed.

Circulator Pumps Installation & Repair

Plumber technician completing circulator pump leak from gasket.

Annual inspection for leaking around circulator pump mounting flanges and lubrication will ensure longer life. If slow leaking will be evident from the pump flanges, when the hot water heating system will be seasonally shut down, the leaking pump flange should be repaired. Otherwise, in the next heating season, an entire zone or entire building may have to be shut down in order to carry out an emergency repair. GreenCity Plumber can assess whether a leaking flange should be repaired immediately or can wait for a time that will not cause any heat disruption to the building.

High rise heating systems can be designed to provide heat to various zones. If any zones call for heat to service a certain area, then a thermostat that is calling for heat in the certain area will turn on the circulator pump that serves the specific area.

Circulator Pumps Maintenance

New circulator pump requires annual motor bearings lubrication to extend pump life.

Sometimes a circulator pump will appear to be operating but no heated water reaches some or any radiators in the zone that it is controlling. The problem could be trapped air in the heating pipes.

Trapped air in heating pipes could prevent heated water from reaching a zone or a single radiator or multiple radiators. Air in the system will have to be purged. Devices that automatically purge air can be installed but this would have to be determined by a plumber having expertise in hot water hydronic heating systems.

GreenCity Plumber has years of experience with hydronic heating systems and can determine what steps should be taken so circulator pumps can operate to move heated water efficiently to the specified zone.

Contact GreenCity Plumber when you have heat circulation problems.


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