My basement toilet laundry tub constantly backed up whenever I washed clothes. GreenCity Plumbers snaked the drains and cleared the clog. Everything works smooth now. Wonderful to have my pipes cleaned by GreenCity Plumber.

RS, Oakville, Homeowner

Backflow preventer had to be installed in main 4 water main feeding our apartment building. GreenCity Plumbers worked very closely with us during the installation of the backflow preventer because water in the building had to be shut down for several hours. Although 200 families were inconvenienced, GreenCity pre-assembled all parts and backflow preventer for fast assembly prior to installation. Everything went smoothly as expected.

AB, Residential Property Manager, North York

Water was gushing from the floor at our carwash was due to huge water leak in the 6 in original iron water pipe installed more than 50 years ago. Without water, our carwash is out of business. GreenCity Plumbers quickly found the water leak 6 feet below existing concrete floor and temporarily sealed leak in a badly perforated pipe, allowing our carwash business to operate. In the meantime, GreenCity prepared a new 6 inch in-ground water pipe from the building property line to existing meter location. Final connection was after hours enabling carwash to operate without a glitch from installation to final tie in. Highly recommend GreenCity.

RMB, Car Wash Owner, North York

Old steam boilers seemed more off than on. GreenCity replaced old boilers with new gas fired Fulton boilers. Building tenants now come to work without any expectations of no heat now that the new boilers are installed.

RSW, Commercial Building Landlord, Toronto

After major storms, lower level of our 60 year old industrial building always flooded. GreenCity Plumber determined cause of flooding was due to building storm water being connected to an internal plugged French drain system on our property. Green City recommended that property storm water be diverted directly to City storm water drains. GreenCity prepared engineered drawings for the application to the City to connect storm water from our property to the City storm water drainage system. Once approved, GreenCity Plumbers installed 2 new catch basins and a manhole. Approval process was very complicated but GreenCity handled the application and permits. Less stressed now coming to my building after major storms knowing that building is free from flooding. Thank you GreenCity for a job well done.

AS, Industrial Processing Business , Scarborough


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