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Some homeowners find it more desirable to work closely with one company than work with a number of unconnected trades. Having a thorough knowledge of plumbing and heating is only one aspect of your job that we can undertake.

Our expertise runs the entire gamut; from rough-in, all the way to the finished product. We are always pleased to quote just the plumbing and mechanical scope of work but GreenCity can also quote the entire job.

Knowledge of all aspects of the job allows us to work with a homeowner to create an economical “green” solution. With our thorough knowledge of plumbing, heating & air-conditioning, we can suggest ways of lowering operating costs in your home by reducing your energy consumption.

For example you can benefit from our “green” knowledge and expertise by provisioning your repairs and replacements for future enhancements, thus helping reduce your house utility costs even more as time goes by.

GreenCity Plumbing Repairs

Also NEW energy efficient mechanical systems like furnaces, air conditioners, major appliances, tankless water heaters, low water consumption toilets, etc. will operate with fewer breakdowns and therefore, also help reduce annual operating costsin your home.

As a result of reduced household operating costs, your home with the latest built-in efficiencies could be worth more than your neighbor’s house. A sophisticated buyer may be willing to pay a higher price for your property, with lower operating costs.

But depending on individual circumstances and home owner’s short and long term goals, not all “green” energy initiatives may be feasible. GreenCity Plumber can advise what initiatives will work best for you.

Today’s a great day to start saving money! Contact GreenCity to put you on the right path to savings.


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