Hydro Jetting Power Drain Flushing Services

Hydro Jetting Power Drain Flushing Services

Hydro power jet high pressure drain cleaning makes old drains virtually new.

Having a clean video image of a problematic clogged drain is essential to solving a plugged drain problem. Our CCTV closed circuit TV cameras are small enough to pass through almost any plugged drain to determine the cause of the sewer backup. Drain blockage could be debris, grease or even a child’s toy having been flushed down a toilet. In addition to cameras, our hydro jet power drain flusher is powerful enough to pulverize grease, sludge and most other obstructions, leaving clogged drain pipes virtually clean as new. High pressure water shooting from a specialty nozzles at water pressure up to 7,000 psi are custom designed for eradication of various debris and sludge in plugged sewer pipes.

Drain Cleaning: Power Jet Nozzles

Having the right power jet nozzle for every drain jet clean application gets the drain cleaning job done right.

In multi-tenanted buildings flushing of drains should be an annual preventative maintenance service procedure to prevent disruptions by sewage blockage. Preventative maintenance contracts can go a long way to prevent disruptions for part of or an entire building. Our crews can eradicate problems before they will even arise. Prudent landlords and building managers accept power drain flushing as standard preventative maintenance practice. Otherwise lack of routine power jet flushing can result in pipes clogged with grease and sludge restricting water flow resulting in clogged drains. As time goes by, without a preventative drain flushing program, clogged drains are bound to happen.

Having an image of a drain blockage may give the tale of the story but not knowing exact location of the blocked drain could result in additional disruption in wasted hours excavating for the remediation. Our closed circuit camera clogged drain detection system includes aprobing tool that emits an electronic signal that determines the location of a blockage within inches. Having information of the exact location of the drain blockage results in shorter remedial times thereby saving the customer money.

Drain Scoping Services - GreenCity Plumbers

Drain scoping composite video freeze frame shows partial collapse of drain walls. Waste accumulates in voids of deteriorating drain. Blockage occurs inside drain that is approximately 25 meters from scope.



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