Commercial Pipe Riser Replacement

Commercial pipe riser replacement in high rise buildings and medium to low rise buildings is something that tenants can all live without. However, there comes a time, even if the original pipe installation is copper, that pinhole leaks can develop and can cause extensive water damage. Sometimes leaks can occur in heating pipes that are chemically treated to ensure good circulation flow of heated water but injected chemicals can also be corrosive and cause etching and weakening of the pipe walls especially around sharp bends. It’s like fast flowing river eroding its banks as water passes. Before long more pinholes will start to develop throughout the entire system.

GreenCity Riser Replacement Services

Plumber assembling copper riser.

High rise hot water pipes are even more vulnerable to corrosion due to recirculation and friction of constant water movement in hot water pipes. New high rise condo hot water pipes can prematurely have leaking water pipes in as little as 10 years.

Heat riser pipe replacements and hot water pipe replacements do not have to be a disruptive plumbing pipe replacement contract. GreenCity plumbing crews are familiar with city plumbing bylaws, codes and plumbing regulations and will work closely with your tenants to minimize water disruptions and water downtimes due to plumbing pipe replacements.

GreenCity plumbing crews will complete heating risers and hot water risers first and only tie in to existing hot water branches after all vertical risers have been installed. Naturally, installing copper pipes manufactured in a copper pipe factory mill to rigid modern exacting standards is absolutely the best way to go.


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