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In-floor grease trap designed to stop FOG fats oil & grease from clogging private drains and city drain pipes.

Take the example of a Chinese food restaurant leasing a space previously used by a green salad bar or a restaurant whose volumes have doubled or even tripled since first occupying the premises but the existing grease trap was designed to handle only a third to half the volume of grease that was the original specification. What worked for the Salad Bar is unlikely to work the Chinese food restaurant. Not only is oil, fat and other solid effluent being diverted through the City sewage system (that ultimately the Landlord will be responsible), this one particular tenant is creating additional costs at the expense of other tenants located in the complex.

Often our plumbers have seen restaurateurs plugging up their own drains with towels during the night, diverting oils and fats elsewhere in the building. Naturally, no one is the wiser and they likely blame the building’s sewer system as inadequate and try and divert what they cause elsewhere as long as they can get away with it.

To be sure, GreenCity Plumber can do an audit of the existing premises, determine the size and location of a new grease trap and determine the frequency of cleaning out of the new grease trap that otherwise is too small to handle the volume of greased being dumped into the building’s sanitary system. When the City inspector comes by, it is the building owner that takes the heat and is ordered to comply if the tenant does not remediate.

GreenCity recommends that your leases have some teeth built in to make the tenant upgrade their grease traps at their expense. We can also assist the Landlord prior to the new tenant taking possession of the premises – just to be sure.


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