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Carrier is a reliable brand of air-conditioner.

Installing a new Central Air-Conditioning (AC) system is a great way to achieve even dry comfort during our hot Ontario Canada summers but if you’re cooling your home with a central air conditioner that is more than 8-10 years old, there is an excellent chance that your system may be using excessive energy compared to the latest central air-conditioning models that are currently available.

With a new central air-conditioner, you’ll immediately benefit from lower hydro electricity costs and a new central air conditioner will likely work without any breakdowns for a good number of years.

Not only will you have fewer disruptions but now is best time to buy a new central air-conditioner because you could qualify for a government rebate of $400 upon the installation of ENERGY STAR® rated air conditioner. If you replace your furnace with an ENERGY STAR® rated at the same time as your AC, you could also qualify for a $250 rebate.

Contact GreenCity today to determine how you can qualify for the rebate program.

Repairing Central Air-Conditioners

Having problems with your air conditioner? A GreenCity technician will analyze the various components of the central air-conditioner to determine which one is failing.

Essentially, there are 2 major components to a central air conditioner being the evaporator and condenser that also work in conjunction with individual fans and a thermostat located centrally in the house. The thermostat is like an orchestra leader telling the central air-conditioner to go on and off to maintain an even comfortable temperature in the house.

A central processor (different than the thermostat) monitors all functions of the evaporator and condenser making sure that all these components are working together in tandem to cool your house in the most efficient manner. If any of these components fail, then the central air conditioner system will not cool your house.

GreenCity technicians are familiar with every aspect of the central air-conditioning system and have the specialty diagnostic tools to determine which component(s) is not working confirming the cause of the breakdown.

Briefly below is an explanation of the major components of a central air-conditioner so you will have a better understanding of what the air conditioning specialist is up against.


A condenser is the metal louvered box with a large fan located outside the house or it may be sitting on a bracket that is bolted to the house. A condenser releases heat from within the house to the outside. As the warm air is released to the outside, the condenser with the aid of a compressor cools gas in copper lines that travelsback to the evaporator located indoors in the furnace.


In most instances an evaporator is the component that usually sits on top of your furnace. You cannot physically see it because it is surrounded by a large sheet metal duct that directs air through the evaporator. An evaporator is a coil that is similar looking to a radiator in a car. The function of an evaporator coil is to take warm air from within the house and transfer this air through the furnace evaporator coil that is cold. As air passes through the coil, it is cooled and is pushed out through floor, ceiling or wall registers for the purpose of cooling the entire house. It is the outside condenser that sends cold gas through copper pipes to cool the evaporator coil.


Fans are located in both the furnace and outside in the condenser. The furnace fan moves heat laden inside air over the evaporator to cool the air for distribution around the house. It also sends warm Freon gas in small copper pipes back to the condenser for cooling. The fan in the condenser moves the air over the outside condenser coil, thus dispelling warmed gas to the outside.

If any of these components will fail or various ancillary systems will fail, then there will be no cooled air produced inside the furnace to cool your house. A GreenCity specialist can determine which component is responsible for the central air conditioning system not cooling and remediate same to get the system back on track in the shortest possible time.

Heating and air conditioning costs could represent as much as 60% of your annual gas and electricity costs. Even if you are not replacing an older air conditioner, there are money wasters that you should be aware of that could contribute to excessive costs for heating and cooling your home such as:

  • Plugged dirty air filters not allowing air to flow freely through the furnace
  • Air leaks in ducts travelling through unheated and underutilized spaces could be losing up to 30%-40% of tempered air going through these spaces. Air escaping from metal ducts such as in the basements, attics, garages and pipe spaces could contribute to excess utility costs.
  • A programmable thermostat not being utilized properly could waste up to 20% of heating and air-conditioning costs.

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