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Planning addition, finishing basement. Count on GreenCity for rough-in drains plumbing.

Planning on finishing your basement? Are you thinking about an “in-law” suite or rental apartment to reduce your carrying costs and increase the value of your home? We can rough in drains for future bar sink, rough-in washrooms or rough-in laundry rooms for new energy efficient front load washers and dryers.

Roughing in drains for installation of future plumbing fixtures is more complicated than meets the eye. Not only do you have to take into account location of future walls and enclosures for draining plumbing fixtures, roughed-in plumbing drains have to be located correctly to ensure adequate clearance from finished walls. And every plumbing fixture has to be vented for the plumbing fixture to properly drain. Therefore provision for roughing in vents for various plumbing fixtures has to be determined in advance prior to installation of all plumbing fixture rough- in plumbing drains for plumbing fixtures to operate correctly.


Renovation rough-in drainage critical to proper placement of plumbing.

Having plumbing fixture roughed-in drains incorrectly placed and not having enough room to install the toilet will only compound problems for installation of rough in drainage and create extra costs and duplicate efforts for plumbing rough-ins. This is especially critical in basements when roughing in toilets, roughing-in sinks and roughing-in laundry rooms are encased in concrete. If not done correctly the first time, concrete will have to be jack hammered to remove old rough-in drains to reinstall new rough-in drains that should have been installed correctly the first time.

Not having a thorough understanding of local plumbing venting codes for installing various plumbing fixtures can result in myriad drainage problems such a poor flush action, clogged drains, plugged toilets, slow draining sinks and laundry room that potentially could overflow causing untold water damage.


GreenCity licensed Toronto plumber gets job done right.

Having a licensed plumber like GreenCity Plumber will ensure roughed-in plumbing and roughed-in drains installed right the first time and reduce overall rough-in plumbing and drain costs. More importantly, GreenCity Plumber reduces homeowners’ anxieties knowing that roughed-in plumbing was installed correctly the first time – complying with local rough in drainage plumbing codes.


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