Drain Location & Scoping

Drain Blockage Repairs

Drain blocked at 25.3M is not pretty. Blockage can be jet cleaned but camera also reveals pipe wall (below) is starting to deteriorate.

Often a partially clogged drain is a symptom of a problem that can only get worse.Finding the clog drain location is critical and having the right drain scoping equipment to diagnose the root of the problem can be more important than a quick fix.

Is the clogged drain due to grease and fat buildup in the drain system, roots having found a way into the drainage system, or an old drain tile that has collapsed over time? Is there a structural problem like a sagging low lying section causing the plugged drain problem?

GreenCity Plumber scope drains with their video camera CCTV clogged drain detection equipment to determine the cause of sewer backups. GreenCity can recommend how to remediate and reduce the frequency of plugged drains. In a multi-tenanted building, no tenant likes to admit that they are the cause of the blocked drain problem but more often than not the cause is due to buildup of grease, fat, sand and debris in the drain.

Deposits of fats, oils and grease FOG can continue to build up along with mineral scale inside drain pipe walls. As waste water flows, more deposits stick to the already narrow walls constricting the flow of waste water, thus exasperating an already badly blocked drainage system.

Clogged Drains Cleaning

Drain jet spraying nozzle cleans drain pipe walls. Plugged drains? Contact

High pressure water jetting can clean blocked drains and make them virtually like new but inspecting drains and eradicating for the source or multiple sources of excess grease, fat and debris that continually result again in more sewer backups is as important as the immediate fix to reduce operating costs for the building over the long term.

A single source like a fast food restaurant can cause problems for an entire building. Improper maintenance and cleaning of grease traps by the tenant may be the source of the plugged drain pipes problem.

The best course of action for reducing plugged drain calls is annual or semiannual high pressure hydro jet cleaning of the main drains. Although the cost of contract drain cleaning may be an ongoing expense, the cost of emergency plumber plugged drain calls will undoubtedly be more than an annual drain cleaning contract and there will be less disruption for your tenants.

GreenCity Plumber can reduce building downtime and costs associated with emergency building drain cleaning.

Ask us how we can reduce your tenant common area costs with an annual high pressure sewer drain jet contract.

Contact GreenCity Plumber for more details.


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