Fire Protection Sprinkler System Installation

Fire Protection Sprinkler Installation

Having thorough knowledge and experience in the installation of various fire sprinkler systems is critical for the safety and well-being of commercial building tenants as well as residential tenants. Experienced staff at GreenCity Plumber have solutions to your fire sprinkler problems including installation of dry pipe sprinkler systems, wet pipe sprinkler systems and anti-freeze loop systems.

Fire Protection Sprinkler Installers

Building standpipe connection panel.

If you are planning a complex renovation or require quick replacement of expired sprinkler heads in any of your properties, having the fire sprinkler system installed is half the battle. Obtaining an approved fire sprinkler plan and a fire sprinkler permit may seem excessive but in the event that there may be a fire in your property, your insurance company may want to verify that your fire sprinkler systems in your building are up to code and complied in every respect with the various fire code regulations.

We can assist you with getting sprinkler mechanical plans, fire sprinkler permits and expediting fire sprinkler plumbing inspections passed by the plumbing inspector whether your fire sprinkler plans call for pendant sprinkler heads, concealed pendant sprinkler heads, side wall mounted sprinkler heads, upright sprinkler heads or any combination thereof.

Fire Sprinkler Upgrades & Consult

Need upgrades to fire sprinkler room? Ask GreenCity.

A prudent property manager always goes the extra mile to make sure that all fire sprinkler protection systems are cleared by the local plumbing inspector. This way there can be no excuse by the insurance company for not paying out the insured in the event of fire damage.

Various types of Sprinkler Systems that we install are:

  1. Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems. By far, they are the most prevalent type of fire sprinkler system used today. High pressure water filled sprinkler pipes and closed sprinkler heads are installed in above freezing and heated area that are fire protected. Heat from a fire that will be close to a fire head will rupture the sprinkler head allowing water under high pressure to douse the fire. As the fire spreads, each head along the fire path will burst as the flames spread.
  2. Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems. This type of system is used in areas where the ambient temperatures can fall below freezing.

    Wet/Dry Pipe Systems Installers - GreenCity

    Wet or dry pipe systems. GreenCity does them all.

    Ambient temperatures below freezing include outside unprotected areas and areas where refrigeration equipment can cause the temperature to drop below freezing. Ahead of the dry valve, high pressure air fills the piping in the area to be protected. If a closed sprinkler head erupts, water is permitted to fill the dry void area, allowing water under high pressure to flood the fire area. As the fires spreads, each closed head along dry pipe system fire path will burst.

  3. Antifreeze Loop Fire Systems can be used in isolated areas that are subject to freezing. A check valve prevents mixing of glycol with high pressure water located in the main fire sprinkler system. When a fire occurs in these areas, glycol solutions first douse the fire and are backed up with high pressure water that streamsthrough the check valve. Sometimes check valves can develop leaks allowing clean pressurized water to mix and dilute the glycol solution thus allowing an Antifreeze Loop Fire System to freeze.
    We can assist property managers by taking readings of glycol to determine if the glycol solution is satisfactory to prevent freeze ups or if the glycol loop has to be topped up. If it continually has to be topped up, this could be an indication that the check valve is leaking or that there is a leak in the system. If a system leak is detected, GreenCity Plumbers can trouble shoot for the leak. If it is determined that the leak is due to a leaking check valve, GreenCity Plumbers can install a new check valve. Depending on the size of the check valve it may be more prudent to install a refurbished valve rather than a brand new valve. GreenCity Plumbers can assist in determining which route to follow.

Besides these fire sprinkler systems there are other specialty types of fire sprinkler systems such as Preaction Sprinkler Systems and Foam Sprinkler Systems that can also be installed and serviced by GreenCity Plumbers if you have one of these systems.

When should a property owner replace sprinkler heads?

Sprinkler Head Replacement - GreenCity

Increased fire risk with sprinkler heads more than 50 years old. Ask GreenCity to quote.

Where sprinkler heads are more than 50 years old, a representative sprinkler head sample from various areas that these expired heads are located should be tested by an accredited testing agency to determine if the sprinkler heads are up to today’s current standards. Prudent building owners often replace old sprinkler heads even if a representative sample passes the inspection test. The cost of replacement is small compared to old sprinkler heads that may not operate satisfactorily during a fire.

GreenCity Plumbing recommends that sprinkler heads known to be manufactured before 1920 be immediately replaced due to manufacturing methods that do not come close to complying to today’s sprinkler and fire prevention standards.


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