Clogged Drain & Sewer Backup Cleaning Services

Clogged Drain

Having clogged arteries can be very detrimental to one’s personal health. Having clogged drains is similar in that blocked drains can cause an entire drainage system to malfunction, resulting in waste and raw sewage entering into your house causing irreparable damage.

Most Common causes of clogged drains are

  • Fats oils and grease (FOG)
  • Hair
  • Small foreign objects

With clogged arteries, there may be no signs of impending sickness but suddenly without notice, heart disease can rear itself and a person’s entire circulation system can break down.

Similarly, at home, you may not notice gradual changes to the drainage outflow but as hardened grease and fats mixed with hair and the occasional inanimate object combine, over time they will build up, narrowing the diameter within your drainage pipes, gradually impeding the flow of sewage. Eventually, obstructions will completely stop the flow of sewage resulting in sewage waste backing up into basements and the more you flush, the worse the sewage backup will get.

However, making sure that your drain pipes will be clean can prevent future clogged drains. A GreenCity Plumber can thoroughly clean your plugged drain pipes with its high pressure power jetting equipment. Contact a GreenCity Plumber for a power jet drain clean appointment.

Blocked outside drains can also result in local flooding and water damage to your property.Don’t forget to clean leaves and other debris from blocking outdoor drains.

Sewer Backup

In the event of a catastrophic rainstorm or extensive spring thaw, even with house drains completely free of flow restrictions, there is still a chance that the entire local sewage system could be overwhelmed by storm water that cannot drain fast enough resulting in sewage back flowing into your house from the entire neighborhood. Your best defense against sewage backing up is to install a backflow valve to prevent neighborhood storm and sewage waste from backing up into your house.

Broken or collapsed pipes

It is not unusual for pipes laid in trenches to collapse, weaken with age or be blocked by tree roots. GreenCity Plumbers can identify and locate these types of problems with CCTV video cameras. Once the location of the drain blockage is isolated, we can determine how to best remediate these types of blockages. Sometimes clogged drain problems can be fixed without having to dig, sparing mature plantings and expensive landscaping. GreenCity Plumbers can identify the most economical solution for every clogged drain situation.

Do-it-yourself DIY repairs and home renovations

Many DIY plumbing repairs are poorly done due to not having the experience or knowledge how to correctly install various types of piping used in a drainage system. Most people understand that water does not flow uphill. Yet we find many installations with water flow issues resulting in collection of debris causing blocked drain flow blockages. With the latest video equipment cameras, we can identify where the drain is clogged and show you our clogged drain findings.

A reputable company like GreenCity Plumbers can assess what measures to take to mitigate damage from sewage backups. Our plumbers are experienced and are thoroughly trained on all their equipment, toolsand supplies they use. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Having a competent company like GreenCity Plumber cleaning clogged drains and installing a backflow valves can give you peace-of-mind knowing that remediation of clogged drains and newly installed backflow devices are meticulously installed to prevent backup of sewage. If you are not sure what preventative systems are installed or the state of your drainage pipes, contact GreenCity Plumber for an assessment.

Today’s meteorologists are concerned that a 1 in 20 year or 1 in 50 year rain storm seems to be happening every few years or even more frequently. Let us help you prepare for the one in a lifetime rain storm that could be just around the corner.


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