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Why Does A Plumber Cost So Much Money?

March 1, 2016 by

Gridlock traffic is an everyday occurrence

The plumber you called is stuck in traffic. He is already more than half an hour late. You’re really upset.

Did you also know that your GTA Toronto plumber is being paid by his company from the time he first left and even when he is stuck in traffic? Besides the plumber’s hourly wage, there is a whole organization that stands behind the plumber and his work. And did you know traffic gridlock in Toronto costs the local economy billions of dollars each year?

Most people don’t take into account that the truck that comes to your place has a number of costs associated with it such as vehicle purchase, insurance, gas, repairs, maintenance, tire changes, brakes, oil changes and so on. That’s just the truck. What about plumbing parts and specialized equipment also in the truck? Some equipment could easily cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And besides all this stuff on the road, there is the whole organization that supports the plumber that will be working at your place. Your plumber has the backing of paid staff such as office managers, dispatcher, bookkeeper and other office members that are working behind the scenes that you never see.

In addition, beside office staff salaries, there are office operating costs just to maintain the office such is rent, gas, power, office phones, mobile phones, internet just to name a few.

So when a plumber’s hourly fee for service is charged to you as a customer, besides the time that the plumber has worked at your job, you can see that there are many other costs associated with your job.

No doubt you might be able to do the job for less money, but can you be sure that the job will be professionally done. Sure, you can drive to the nearest plumbing store, find the parts, stand in line to pay; then return parts because they were wrong. You could even take the whole day to complete your plumbing project with parts that cost fifty bucks. And when the project you completed will malfunction, you can spend more of your own time to try and fix it. Heck, no one is paying you for your time so look at all the money you saved.

Plumbers’ hourly fees and travel time may sound high to the uninitiated but when one understands costs associated with your plumber and the costs of operating a plumbing business, the hourly fee charged by our plumbers represent real value for the customer. Our qualified staff are trained in the latest technologies and continually have their skills updated.

You can rely on GreenCity Plumbers to do the job right and if there will be any issues, our plumbers and support staff will be there for you to stand behind their work.

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